Tips Direct from InstagramHQ and Hiding Likes in the US - what does it mean for you??


I get my best IG tips directly from Instagram and you should too! Are you sick of second hand rumors that are spread by other Instagram creators? Same. That’s why I choose to get my IG tips from the source.

InstagramIRL Recap
Late last week there was an #InstagramIRL Summit at InstagramHQ in NYC. Some of the best creators on Instagram were invited to attend. At the Summit, Instagram revealed some of their top tips on how to have success in their app. I shared these tips in my latest IGTV with recorded story clips from the Summit attendees. I also saved more tips from the Summit on my story highlights in INSTA TIPS. Scroll down for some of the highlights!


Hiding Likes in the US
Instagram also announced that they will start hiding likes for a small portion of users in the United States this week. Instagram first tested hiding likes in Canada and then they expanded it to Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand in July.

Instagram has said that they are hiding likes to "remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive," which will allow people to post "authentically and comfortably" in the app. This is aimed at young people and is an effort to make Instagram a safer place. "The idea is to depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition," said CEO Adam Mosseri. Though likes are hidden, you can still see the amount of likes your own posts receive, but your followers will not.

So what does this mean for you? Some users think hiding likes will improve their mental health. Others worry it will lead to a drop in post engagement. A 2016 study by UCLA showed that teens were much more likely to hit like on a photo if they saw other people already liked it. The behavior was attributed to peer pressure.

The influencer management company #paid took a survey of their influencers in Canada who have had their likes hidden. Read here to see how hiding likes has altered key behaviors such as liking, commenting, and following, and learn about the emotional repercussions this change has had on their lives.

What are your opinions on Instagram hiding likes? I'd love to hear in the comments!

InstagramIRL Highlights
Here are some highlights from my #instagramIRL IGTV!

• “Instagram is where you share yourself” - Eva Chen

• The algorithm feed helps people to see more of the content they want to see. IG is not switching back to chronological. If you want to see someone in your feed often, engage with their content - like, comment, reply to stories, etc.

• There is no way to "beat the algorithm". Some tips for better engagement include: posting with intention, share your personality and your authentic self, and post on stories often (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

• Play with more casual, real content on stories AND on feed. Don’t overthink story content. Give an inside look and behind the scenes view into your life to help your followers relate to you. Show behind the scenes of your feed post.

• Using polling, Q&A and other stickers on stories forces people to pay attention and take part in the conversation and creates more engagement.

• Using the hashtag #ad on posts does not “flag” your post with Instagram. Instagram will not make posts with #ad perform worse than your other posts. If an ad does poorly then ask yourself - was it too curated? Did it appear random? Engagement peaks when content feals most authentic and true to your voice.

• You cannot beat the algorithm. (Sorry 😆)

• Use vertical content instead of horizontal content. Vertical content takes up more space in the app and it will get more engagement.

• Video posts should be a key part of your Content. They will get a lot of engagement.

• IGTV will be launching new features for creators very soon (monetization??) so if you are not using it yet, you should try it out now.

• IG is cleaning out fake accounts every day so this may be why you are seeing more accounts “unfollow” you every day.

• Don’t post based on how the world perceives you. Be authentically yourself on social media. Don’t overthink it.

• Promote your content on stories like its a premiere.

• Switch to a creator account.

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