My Instagram journey and what to expect from Instadog Tips


Hi there! I’m Lauren, the creator of I Love Pups and mom to Nelson The Pup. I created this platform as an extension of my passions to be the destination for Instadogs, and their humans, who love pupfashion! Over the last few years I’ve built several communities of pup-loving humans on social media, while also building relationships with top pupfashion brands. I’m a big believer in community over competition, and I’m very excited to share the many tips I’ve learned along the way so you, too, can grow your community. 

Here in the “Instadog Tips” section, I will tackle some of the burning questions I hear over and over from other pup accounts, like:

  • How do I get more followers?
  • How do I get more likes and comments?
  • What makes content go viral?
  • How do I get a feature on feature accounts?
  • Should I join a comment/like pod?
  • What is a “bot”?
  • Why did Instagram block my account from liking and commenting?
  • How do I collaborate with brands and negotiate my rates?
  • What are all of these cash giveaways and should I do one?
  • Do hashtags matter?
  • What should I post on stories?

But first, let me share a bit about my story. The day we adopted Nelson was the day I started flooding my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts with pics of his cute little puppy face. To give my friends and family a break from his puppy shenanigans, I decided to create a separate Instagram page dedicated to his antics. After creating his account, the world of Instadog stardom was unveiled to me! It was then that I became obsessed with making Nelson an Instagram star. There were so many “famous” pup accounts on Instagram so it couldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong! I quickly learned it was not easy at all, especially since the algorithm change and Instagram’s switch from the chronological feed. So what was I left to do? 

Well at first I was obsessed with making it to 10k followers to get the coveted “swipe up”. And I got there, but it was not pretty. Did I do it the right way? Absolutely not. I was down into a deep rabbit hole of “follow trains”, pods, and “follow for follow” tactics. Did I get the followers? Yes. Did I build a community who truly cared about Nelson? Nope. I was so far deep into tracking things like - who unfollowed me so I can unfollow them back, and who commented on my last post so I can reciprocate. Instead, I should have been spending my time on creating great content and truly connecting with people who care about Nelson and my point of view. 

To get back on track, I started reading a lot about how to grow your Instagram the “right way”. I tested out a ton of these tips and have seen a lot of success with them. Here in Instadog Tips, I look forward to sharing with you the many tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, to help you along your own Instadog journey! 

What are your biggest questions with Instagram? I would love to hear about them in the comments and would love to help you with them!


  • I just love Nelson and I look forward to reading your Insta tips!!!

    Sandy McBroom
  • Nelson is one of my favorite instadogs. I love your posts and stories—a blend of Nelson cuteness and humor, useful information, and rescue dog advocacy. Can’t wait to read more about your Instagram journey! 💜


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